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A series of shots documenting my voyage to and from work during a freak March snowstorm in New York City. Many of these shots were taken through the window of the M4 Express bus that runs down Fifth Avenue and drops me in front of Macy's on 34th Street. Macy's is a short toss to my One Penn Plaza office. Additional shots were taken between the bus and my office, from my fourth floor office and during the post-work walk to the subway.

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Heading For The Hills Of Central ParkShoveling On The Park SideA Bad Day For BicyclingPlowing The Sidewalk On Fifth AvenueWhat Can Brown Do In The Snow?Shopping In The SnowSnowstorm RainbowPuddle JumpingSchlepping Through The SnowA Lion In WinterStep Out Of The Cab And Into The SlushSpring Is Right Around The CornerBig Store For RentOn A Busy COrnerEasy For You To Say34th Street ShuffleGreen Light On 34th StreetCrossing Seventh AvenueIntersectionTraffic